skirt as top

sew-off challenge: Upcycle a Flashback Skinny Tee

daring fireball mini tee

rocky start to kcwc and the sew-off, you guys, rocky start.

before i started sewing today, i changed my serger thread from white (what i always serge with) to black. i don’t change my serger thread very often, so when the threads were all wonky, i thought it was because i’d done something wrong. after nearly an hour of threading and rethreading, i realized…wait for it…i had lifted my presser foot up to rethread and forgot to put it back down! oof, no wonder the fabric wouldn’t feed through! anyway, once i figured that out, this little shirt came together in a snap.

daring fireball mini tee

behold the daring fireball upcycled tee. my husband follows tech news like other guys follow football. one of his favorite sites for info on apple and other techie stuff is daring fireball. the site is widely read among…

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