Stunning that even the NYT could get things like this so wrong.


Have you read this article? It appeared a few days ago in the NY Times (followed by this, yesterday) and has been syndicated widely. If you haven’t read it, don’t bother, here is the short version:

Sex workers used to be forced to live on one sleazy street in Mumbai, where they could be conveniently reached by here’s-a-free-condom programs. Now they started using cellphones, like everyone else, which means they don’t need to ply their trade on that sleazy street anymore which means they are harder to reach by the traditional condom programs. Therefore, technology is bad.

The logic here is familiar: ABB – always blame the beneficiary (“our brilliant program is more difficult to implement because the beneficiaries are not cooperating”) and if that doesn’t work, ABT – always blame the technology. One could even sense just a tiny little bit of patronizing in the argument (“a journalist can handle…

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