Why every pro-gun argument is wrong

I know I’m a complete left-wing whackjob nutcase, but this article on why gun rights advocates are completely batshit-fucking wrong is right up my alley.

And we all know that if this shooter turns out to have a Muslim name, plenty of Americans, including plenty of gun owners, will be more than happy to give up all kinds of rights in the name of fighting terrorism. Have the government read my email? Have my cell phone company turn over my call records? Check which books I’m taking out of the library? Make me take my shoes off before getting on a plane, just because some idiot tried to blow up his sneakers? Sure, do what you’ve got to do. But don’t make it harder to buy thousands of rounds of ammunition, because if we couldn’t do that we’d no longer be free.


One thought on “Why every pro-gun argument is wrong

  1. Until you start calling for the abolition of private property, armed revolution and throwing enemies of the state into re-education camps, I don’t think you can be labeled a left-wing whackjob nutcase. (But I may be biased)


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