Thankful for being born a white man with the twin pillars of privilege and opportunity invisibly supporting me each step of the way.

Thankful that the prevailing wisdom that defines many of my life choices as mistakes hasn’t kept me from trying harder after every one. Thankful I have a wife who’s never quite been done with me.

Thankful for the luxury of finally fighting for others to have access to health care while mine doesn’t cost me a dime.

Thankful for having access to a plant that has changed my life in so many ways yet presents no jail time as a result.

Thankful for having three children who are alive and thrive and exist, despite attending a school system more and more wracked by inexcusable violence.

Thankful for the prescience with which I was able to combine my childhood loves of art and computers into a fulfilling career that didn’t even exist when I was a child.

Thankful and ashamed for the historical bloodshed and suffering that has led to life being as enjoyable as it’s been for me.

Thankful I continue to wake up every morning a functional adult without the kind of debilitating mental illness as to leave you a shell of a human. Thankful that the meds help with this.

Thankful for having heat and electricity because there have been winters without both.

Thankful for the time and occasion to even self-reflect enough to see what there is to be thankful for, and thankful I routinely find there is a well of contentment from which to draw.

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