My grandfather, a man. Some reminders for myself.

A man shows his love without restraint.

A man remembers the joy of childhood so well that he plays with his kids with wild abandon.

A man’s wife is his equal.

A man’s wife is the only visible part of his soul.

A man gardens.

A man creates, he builds, and he produces. Anything at all.

A man allows children to explore expensive technology, because it is an inevitability and because it is important.

When a man’s grandchildren break his computer, he simply asks them what they had been doing so he can fix it. A man sometimes allows his grandson to fix the computer when he’s broken it.

A man provides his family with the experiences needed to become whole humans. A man does his best to be a whole human himself.

A man provides for his family but his work is in service of that, never the opposite.

A man does work he is proud of and changes the world for the better.

A man travels.

A man does his duty for his country when he’s called upon, and when the best skills he’s got for it are cooking meals for soldiers on the front lines, he uses them.

A man is thoughtful in his pursuits and rarely disparages the good-hearted efforts of others.

A man is kind to children, respectful to all, and his actions ensure he can stand tall with his integrity never in doubt.

A man doesn’t care much for what other people define as “masculinity”.

A man gives his all for his family because only then can he grow to become larger than himself.

A man has ambitions and achievements so astounding, his children and grandchildren can’t help but be inspired by him.

A man builds rockets that put satellites into space, cementing a 10-year old’s interest in science and space.

A man is loyal to the team he is leading and never treats them as if they are any less capable than he is.

A man of this caliber lives forever and continues to guide his grandson’s daily life, nearly 15 years after his passing.

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