Why I’m a Designer Part 1.5: Design Emergencies

This post is part 1.5 of a series. You can read Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 if you’d like.

Some common stressful situations that could have ruined your day circa 1999:

“There’s a typo on the final production graphics that millions of people are looking at right now.”
  • Print Designer: “Well, fuck.”
  • Web Designer: “Here’s a new version, I’m overwriting the old one over FTP immediately.”
“Users hate the new placement of the button for the feature we shipped last week. No one can figure out where to find it and they’re throwing bricks through our windows.”
  • Desktop Software Designer: “We can hide under our desks until the next release literally ships to physical stores 12 months from now. People will have to drive a car to buy it.”
  • Web Designer: “I just moved it back. Let’s figure out a way not to have that happen again. But if it does, we can still just move it back.”
“The colors aren’t right. The red is too purple.”
  • Print Designer: “It looked fine on my screen. I must have put the wrong QuarkXpress file on the Zip disk.”
  • Web Designer: “Yeah, that’s gonna happen. There’s no way to enforce color consistency across platforms right now, so that’s what the colors look like on your monitor. Unless you use this incredibly constrictive web-safe color palette, that’s just the way things are. It sucks but there’s not much I can do.”
“No one is clicking the BUY NOW button!”
  • Print Designer: “Talk to the web people.”
  • Web Designer: “Well, fuck.”

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